Caramel and chocolate cupcakes with honeycomb topping

As promised, the second part to my Sunday baking session. I’m going to keep this short as I’m full of a cold (therefore feeling sorry for myself) and Mr W is annoying me and keeps asking for the computer (grr).

So, this bake was one that I was quite looking forward to. I’d found some liquid glucose in the baking cupboard and, after a bit of googling, decided to make some chocolate honeycomb. But then, what could I do with this? Then I remembered the leftover chocolate ganache in the fridge. Result. Chocolate filled cupcakes with honeycomb decoration. Yummy. On Sunday morning I pulled the chocolate ganache out of the fridge and left at room temperature to soften up.  Whilst waiting for Mr W to get dressed, I decided to crack on with the honeycomb. I’ve never made this before and was quite excited. I found the recipe on the Dr. Oetker website as this was the brand for my liquid glucose. At first I thought my sugar syrup would never colour but, with a bit of patience, it did and then I was able to create my foaming lava (so cool). Once it had hardened, I covered it with melted milk chocolate and left to set.

Caramel & chocolate cupcakes

For my cupcakes, I followed a standard vanilla cupcake recipe that I have in one of my many baking books but instead of vanilla extract I used caramel flavouring. Once the cupcakes had cooled I used my cupcake corer (best gadget ever from Lakeland) to remove the centre of the cupcakes. I beat my chocolate ganache so that it was a softer consistency and added teaspoons of it into the centre of my cupcakes. I then squished there little hats back on. For the buttercream, again I used a standard vanilla buttercream recipe from the same book but substituted the vanilla extract for caramel flavouring. I then piped this on top of the cupcakes ensuring I covered the centre. Once the chocolate had set on my honeycomb, I cut it into pieces and placed on the cupcakes (with extra pieces going in some Tupperware for work).

The result, a light yet moist cupcake (didn’t get much caramel flavour coming through but never mind) with a slightly caramel flavoured buttercream. The hidden ganache filling added a little indulgence (made using 85% dark chocolate). The honeycomb pieces were slightly addictive. They did melt slightly overnight due to the moisture from the buttercream but it created some artistic ‘honey drops’ on top of the cupcakes.

Caramel & chocolate cupcake

I would normally write the recipe for people to try but, to be honest, I’m not in the mood for all that typing. You can admire the pictures instead 🙂


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