‘Key’ Lime Pie

A while ago, a colleague asked if I’d make her a Key Lime Pie. I needed to wait until summer and holiday season was over so as soon as those temperatures dropped, I began finding a recipe.
Now, I’ve never seen a Key Lime Pie before let alone made one. I had visions of a Lemon Meringue like creation. Imagine my surprise when the images I were seeing were more like a Lemon Tart with the optional addition of whipped cream. Not as scary as I thought (not had much success with meringue making in the past). I managed to find a fairly simple recipe on the BBC Good Food website (how I love that website) that made a nice sized pie.
Now, I use the term ‘Key’ Lime Pie loosely as many traditionalists will argue that you need to use actual Key limes. Now, being in England, this isn’t a variety I come across. In the supermarket it was a choice between standard limes or organic limes. So, I am naming my bake Organic Lime Pie.
Now, I was fairly surprised at how easy this was to bake. To begin with, a biscuit crumb base that is baked for a short time to keep it together.  The recipe asked for hobnobs, I used digestive biscuits as that’s what I had in. The filling, condensed milk whisked together with lime juice and zest then baked in the oven. I’m not a fan of whipped cream (only acceptable in a Victoria Sandwich cake) so I omitted. Also made for easy transportation into work. I’m using my App to write this blog so will provide a link to the recipe rather than write it click here

Apologies for the poor photograph. I forgot to capture the pie in its entirety and only remembered when I snuck my slices  out of the office before the entire thing was demolished for breakfast.



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