Doughnuts (attempt one)

Ages ago, someone from work was telling me how much they loved Gregg’s Caramel Doughnuts. So, me being me, I saw this as a challenge and told them I would make some doughnuts.

Now, to begin with, I wanted a doughnut recipe where I baked the doughnuts as I don’t trust myself frying food (hot oil scares me), also, I’m not a fan of greasy food and wanted to try and make them a little healthier. Now, I remembered that I attempted baked mincemeat doughnuts last year so went to find the recipe (again, a Good Food one). Now this recipe required filling the doughnuts before they were baked but I wanted to fill them afterwards. But, I figured I could still use the same recipe.

All I can remember about using this recipe last year was that they were easier to make than I thought. So, I got together all the ingredients and decided that I would fill them with a caramel flavoured custard and top with a caramel icing.

So, making the doughnuts. Mixing the ingredients together, I found the dough to be quite wet (recipe stated that it would be soft) and I found it difficult to knead as it wouldn’t firm up. But I ploughed on and assumed that what I had was what they meant as soft. Now, I struggle proving doughs at room temperature in my kitchen so decided to use the overnight fridge method. The dough did rise a little bit using this method (not sure if it has risen enough but this may have been due to wet dough). I shaped my doughnuts as best as I could into balls (difficult with the dough still being wet and sticking to my fingers). I should have made 12 balls but 8 was the best I could do. To prove the dough for the 30 mins this time I used the oven method (turn oven on full, once temperature reached, turn off and put dough inside). The dough did rise. I cooked in oven as per recipe. For the filling I used ready made custard that I flavoured with a caramel flavouring. I know this is a cheats way of doing it but as it was a ‘see what will happen’ bake, I thought this was the best way.

Cue, take doughnuts out of oven. Now, didn’t look like doughnuts, looked more like bread rolls. Shouted Mr W over to show my disappointment. His response, well they smell like doughnuts. Seen as I’d gotten this far, I figured, what the hell, lets fill them with the caramel custard (I’d also bought a doughnut/cupcake filler nozzle for this purpose). Filled the doughnuts with the custard which was a bit difficult as custard was quite runny but I managed it with no leaks. Melted down some caramel toffees with some milk, added some icing sugar and dipped the filled doughnuts in this. Became more of a sticky caramel glaze rather than a caramel icing.

Next day, turn up to work with said doughnuts. Main comment was that they tasted good, like a sweet roll. Nothing like the intended caramel custard doughnuts. The caramel custard had soaked into the ‘doughnut’ so they were essentially sticky rolls.


Doughnuts 1 Mrs W 0 #bakingfail

So, now I have a challenge for myself. To make a successful caramel custard doughnuts. Need to find a better recipe. Maybe go with normal jam filled before progressing to custard filled. Maybe I need to be filling them when I get to work so that the filling isn’t soaked up. Maybe baked doughnuts aren’t going to work, might need to man up and try fried. Make a caramel icing that isn’t sticky, more icing sugar? Overnight proving/oven proving methods not good?  So, I am only going to put up a recipe for this bake once I am happy with it. Watch this space.


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