Baked Doughnuts (attempt 2)

As promised in my last post, I gave the baked doughnuts another go last weekend. This time I used a different recipe that I had found online and thought it would be better to master a basic ring doughnut before I attempted the filled doughnut again. I’d also seen online, people mentioning that they had used their air fryer to bake their doughnuts. An excuse for me to use it again (I also attempted kale crisps in it last weekend. Did not go well for me. The kale blew up into the element and started to burn. Thinking about it, it might have been because I used shredded kale (leftovers from last weekends smoothies) rather than kale pieces. Might consider trying again at a later date). Back to the doughnuts. I used this recipe that I’d found online for making the doughnuts and this recipe for guidance on baking in an air fryer. Due to the unsuccessfulness of my last attempt at these, I decided I would do half a batch which was easy as it didn’t have any egg in it (if I can’t easily halve the amount of egg in a recipe, I’ll always make the full batch). So, for this attempt I decided to use my stand mixer to make the kneading easier (I always struggle with this when doing it by hand. Always takes me three times as long). As we are going through our cold spell at the moment in the UK, I didn’t feel it was warm enough to prove the dough out on the side so used the oven technique instead (Turn oven on full. When heated, turn off and put dough in to prove).  Instead of cutting the doughnuts and placing them on some greaseproof paper, I placed them in my doughnut moulds. As I managed to get 7 doughnuts out of the dough and I only have four ring moulds, I used the stated method for the remaining three. I set my air fryer to 160C (only needs 3 minutes to warm up!) and cooked the doughnuts in batches for 5 -7 minutes until golden brown. Whilst still warm, I brushed with the melted butter and rolled in the sugar and cinnamon mixture. Voilà, cinnamon ring doughnuts.


Verdict: After I proved the doughnuts, I noticed they had a crust on the outside. This was due to putting them in the oven. Next time, I need to leave them out in a warm place. The doughnuts hadn’t puffed up as much as the doughnuts shown on the recipes website. However, they did look like those on the ‘baking in an air fryer’ website which I guess is a good thing. The doughnuts had a close, bread like texture which was a bit disappointing (not as bad as attempt one mind). Personally, I liked the cinnamon flavour however Mr W wasn’t as keen (hence, leftover doughnuts are currently in the freezer waiting for me to eat them. Normally I can rely on Mr W to finish my bakes). His opinion being that doughnuts should either be iced (think The Simpsons) or filled with something sweet. So, I have found a third recipe on the Lakeland website which is for use with the mould kit I bought. It gives suggestions for ring and filled doughnuts. This will be used for attempt three with Mr W providing suggestions for fillings and toppings.


Smoothies. For those interested in smoothie recipes. This weekend I have been having strawberry, banana and spinach smoothies. I have been blending a handful of frozen strawberries, half a frozen banana, and two handfuls of spinach with some low fat natural yoghurt and water. Personally, I prefer using spinach to kale as it’s not as bitty when blended. I might try last weekends recipe with spinach instead of kale.


Mexican night. A few months ago, my sister and I went to a Mexican Street Food cookery class (I mentioned it in one of my previous posts). This weekend we finally got round to cooking what we learnt for our other halves. My sister took on the corn salsa, guacamole, radish pickle and tomato salsa. I took on the chipotle chicken, black bean tostadas (with feta and coriander garnish) and green rice. We did learn how to make our own tortillas but I decided to buy these in instead. It went down a storm with the favourite dishes being the chipotle chicken and black bean tostadas. Below is a picture of our efforts. Used it as an excuse to make up some sangria (I know it’s not Mexican but goes better with a meal than a shot of tequila). Now we just need to decide on our next cuisine type.



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